Venice and its Lagoon

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The first time...
I arrived by night, upon a sea as black as ink, frightening every moment to sink. The night was so dark, just hither and yon the glistening of a poor light. I rushed into the alleys, then onto Saint Mark's Place, not even daring to look up, scared of its immensity. Again I rushed to alleys and in the end I paused near a bridge. I remember the canal, silent and tender, and my thought, “Venice is a city where you can cry”.


The Lagoon shows...
the primitive yet true life of Venice, ignorant of mobiles and the comfort of civilization, struggling with the powers of nature, wind, fog, currents, loneliness; nevertheless a paradise of impalpable and friendly magic. It also shows the thousand-year old life of the few fishermen remaining in this area of North Lagoon in 1980, area at that time almost inaccessible
and unknown even to Venetians.

• Photos of Venice (by day in black & white)
Sunburst on Quayside Malipiero Palace Stillness at Saint Boldo Watching Head upon the Canal Storm arriving at Rialto
• Photos of Venice (by night in black & white)
Trapolin Quayside Saint Mary of the Miracles' Church Iron Bridge Saint Marziale Square The Market by Night
• Photos of Venice Lagoon (in black & white)
Saint Antonio Canal The Lagoon at La Cura Crab Baskets at Canal Capo Torcello Mazzorbo Canal
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