France Countryside

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Why the French countryside?...
Because it was one of the mightiest rural lands in Europe; because it is the image of the peasant who lived more or less in the same way since prehistorical times; because it reveals a magical harmony between humans, animals and nature.
In the soft landscape of this countryside, I could see the human being's face, who shaped it.


At midnight...
the radio announced great snow falls and snow drifts on the motorway. Equipment hurriedly gathered, we left the Paris area for Bourgogne by car. We arrived at the first glimpse of the dawn, at 11° F below zero, in a sparkling, immaculate new snow. No more heating in the car - no time to repair, never mind! - and then two days of photos in silence and solitude.

• Photos of France Countryside (in color)
The Castle of Champsigny at Saint-Léger-du-Bois (Autun, Burgundy) The two Friends (Horses near Nevers, Burgundy) Luzy in the Snow (Autun, Burgundy) Country Landscape in Morvan (Lormes, Burgundy) Ancient Stone Wall near Nolay (Beaune, Burgundy)
• Photos of France Countryside (in color)
Stone Bench at Echannay (Sombernon, Burgundy) Spring at Dampierre-en-Montagne (Montbard, Burgundy) Ancient Path amid Fields at Ouanne (Auxerre, Burgundy) Spring Barley (La Puisaye, Burgundy) Summer Countryside (Lorraine)
• Photos of France Countryside (in color)
Pouilly-en-Auxois Railway Station (Dijon, Burgundy) The Tractor of the Farm (Champagnole, Jura) Pear Tree in Bloom (Montbard, Burgundy) The Lane to the Village (Besançon, Franche-Comté) Wood for Winter at Billecul (Champagnole, Jura)
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