France Countryside

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To me, it has ever been a walk...
quiet and serene, just a walk… I am not a photographer, I am a man, Venice and the countryside pleased me, I've shot remembrance photos in order to know how the life was in those days. I photographed what I would have liked to show to my friends.
I don't try to take beautiful photos; I love life, and life is neither beautiful nor ugly, it's life, it has neither rules nor models.


I am very fond of talking with cows...
they answer me and we have affinities with each other. The white cows run up from the bottom of the meadow as soon as they can see me, most curious to meet a passing guest; they watch me, talk earnestly, hiding sometimes behind a browse-mate in order to observe me from below her legs. In Jura, the cows are particularly interested in chats, seem busier, brisker, somehow mocking and let-it-be.

• Photos of France Countryside (in black & white)
A solitary Tree (Les Nans, Jura) A Ladder near Sauzelles (Le Blanc, Berry) Clouds (Burgundy) Here we are ! (Charolaises Cows, Burgundy) Emorots in Duesmois (Burgundy)
• Photos of France Countryside (in black & white)
Meadows at Cordesse (Autun, Burgundy) Harvest in Duesmois (Burgundy) Pond at Chars (Vexin français) At Le Grand Marié (Luzy, Burgundy) Little Path of Burgundy (Luzy, Burgundy)
• Photos of France Countryside (in black & white)
At Le Grand Marié (Luzy, Burgundy) Cow behind Hedge (Luzy, Burgundy) Hills in the distance (Auxois, Burgundy) Path (Auxois, Burgundy) Hamlet near Blancey (Auxois, Burgundy)
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