I made 4 Cdroms, with photographs in colour and in black and white.

The two Cdroms of Venice shape an inseparable set of Venice and its lagoon, by day as by night. The Cdrom VENICE AND ITS LAGOON (nearly 1,000 photographs) shows Venice when walking along its small alleys. The Cdrom VENICE CANALS AND LAGOON (nearly 1,800 photographs) points up the little canals inside Venice when seen from boat.

The two Cdroms of France also shape a set that shows the deep and traditional countryside. The Cdrom FRANCE COUNTRYSIDE (nearly 1,600 photographs) presents Bourgogne and Picardie, and also Lorraine, Jura, Berry and Vexin. The Cdrom FRANCE LANDSCAPES (nearly 1,800 photographs) presents other areas : the Alps, the surroundings of Versailles, Ile de France, Auvergne, Normandie, Ségala, Gascogne, Aquitaine, Bretagne and some North and Lorraine Factories.

You can see a choice of them, 12 in colour and 12 in black and white.

Click here to see some Photographs of the French countryside

I have taken nearly 60,000 photographs of the French countryside, since 1980 until 1999.

Why the French countryside? Because it was one of the mightiest rural lands in Europe; because it is the image of the peasant who lived close to the nature since prehistorical times; because it reveals a magical harmony between humans, animals and nature.

Many studies have allowed to understand these former mentalities : earliest roads, growth of villages, etymology of place names, sites of prehistory, geological features.

In the soft landscape of this countryside, I have seen the human being's face who shaped it : a paradise of meadows and fields, farms and cows, hills and mountains; also of old railways, peaceful cemeteries and dwellings hiding in foliage...


Note :

I have also made a Cdrom with 300 photographs in colour and in black & white about FRIUL. This area in the northeast of Italy was still genuine in 1987 : mounts, humble stone cottages, limpid mountain brooks, flowers and fields. Map of the author, captions in Friulan, comments in Italian.

In the end, for the enthusiasts, I have gathered most of the railways photographs of my Cdroms into a little Cdrom of a hundred of photographs in colour and in black & white entitled TRAINS.