In this Cdrom, nearly 1,800 photos are available.
Nevertheless, handling Cdrom is very simple : insert, it runs immediately (no install necessary).

However, if you prefer to run it manually, open your cd driver : COME IN.htm  Then, select BY-DEFAULT FONTS in your browser ( to select it in Explorer : click View, Text Size, Medium )  and  FULL SCREEN  ( F11 on your keyboard - F11 to go back )  At last, click the photo.

When beginning

'MAIN PAGE' (in a brick colour) enables you to go elsewhere in the Cdrom. There you can :
- choose a COLLECTION OF PHOTOS (By Boat - By Foot - By Night - Lagoon) either in colour or in black & white, with their BACKGROUND. There are three available backgrounds : black, grey and white; click the black, grey or white rectangle on desired cell, and you will get the collection of photos you wish with its background
- choose a COMMENT
- get some HELP
- CLOSE Cdrom

When moving inside the Cdrom, you can

- from the very first page to get 'main page' (in a brick colour)
- from the small photo to get the larger
- from the large to get the smaller

CLICK CAPTIONS OF VENICE PHOTOS  (they are written on the right of the enlarged photo)
- from captions to get a map - when English caption followed by  *

- from the main map to get retailed
- from the retailed to come back to photo

CLICK NUMBER - it represents the page number of the photos
- 1 to get page number 1, 2 to get page number 2... in whatever order you'd wish
- the number of the page where you are turns red; when you go to another page, the number of the page you have already visited turns blue-green

- the right arrow goes to next page
- the left arrow goes back to previous page
- the right and left arrows remain inactive displaying a bubble insert when you are on the first or last page of the collection of photos

- to select another collection of photos or another comment
- to select another background for the photos
- to get some help
- to contact me
- to close Cdrom

Windows functions

Remind that you can use WINDOWS FUNCTIONS at any time :
- copy and paste
- save
- save as wallpaper
- print
Just click right on the concerned object (image for instance) and select your function
You can also try on your KEYBOARD :
- copy :
      · select all ctrl+A
      · copy ctrl+C
      · then paste in a new file ctrl+V
- save : ctrl+S
- print : ctrl+P

Your KEYBOARD will be most useful. You can :
- close Cdrom pressing ALT+F4
- go back to the last pages you have already visited pressing ALT+left arrow (among the block of four arrows down right on your keyboard)
- after that, go ahead to the pages you have already visited pressing ALT+right arrow

If you prefer not to use AUTORUN, you can
- click index.htm
- or click COME IN.htm then F11 on your keyboard
These two possibilities will open your Cdrom in full screen

Quick description of the Cdrom

The Cdrom contains nearly 1,800 photos, in colour and in black & white; they were taken, mostly during the 70's and 80's, by day and by night, in Venice and in the Northern part of its Lagoon. Captions have been written in Venetian, according to Giuseppe Boerio's Dictionary : Dizionario del Dialetto Veneziano, published in 1856. Thus, a caption in Venetian accompanies each thumbnail photo and appears in a bubble insert when you keep the mouse for a while on a photo; this Venetian caption has been adapted in English, and you can see both of them accompanying the enlarged photo.

Clicking the captions ( in Venetian or in English ) when the English one is followed by  *, allows you to get a main map of Venice which points at the spot where the photo was taken; clicking the main map makes you get a retailed one encircling the spot more precisely. Such location exists only with the photos of Venice. The maps of the Lagoon are located in the  'MAIN PAGE'/ COMMENTS / MAPS.

COMMENTS give you further information.

MAPS contains maps of Venice and of the Lagoon. The map of Venice comes from Karl Baedeker's 1913 Guide of Italie Septentrionale. It is used throughout the Cdrom and is displayed here in two pictures : screen size and larger than screen size. The map of the Southern Lagoon in screen size is a part of that map. Then, in order to isolate clearly the places where I have taken my photos, I drew myself a map of the Northern Lagoon and wrote in Venetian the names of the places; they are the same names than those accompanying the photos in the Cdrom. Besides, as my photos are in colour and in black & white, I had the idea to do the same with my map : however, this time, the black & white map being just a copy of the colour one.

A sentimental mind is shared in the texts VENICE BY DAY, VENICE BY NIGHT and VENICE LAGOON. You will also find SOME OPINIONS on my work and a short HISTORY OF MY PHOTOGRAPHS. Finally, how to receive a PHOTOGRAPH PRINT, what are my OTHER CDROMS and what are my WRITINGS. All the texts of the COMMENTS have been written by Eleonora Mongiat, unless evidently my WRITINGS (written by myself) and SOME OPINIONS (written by their respective authors); she decided to use the I pronoun as if writing instead of me, and I completely agree with all that was said.


At last, I should say that this Cdrom has been conceived to work with a SCREEN RESOLUTION OF 800 x 600 PIXELS. I find that this resolution is really the best for the photos. (You can adjust it by clicking right on the screen, left on properties, then parameters, and selecting your resolution; finally : OK - You can change it later as many times as you wish)

The other point I'd like to underline concerns the size of the fonts to be used in the Cdrom. Much better is to select BY-DEFAULT FONTS in your browser (to select it, open Explorer, click View, then Text Size, then Medium). You can change it later as many times as you wish

Many people ask me what my screen values are. I generally adjust luminosity and contrast to a third. However, the by-default adjustment is good as well : half luminosity - full contrast. I am also asked about the background colour I use. I must say that I prefer the grey one for the photos of Venice By Boat and By Foot and of the Lagoon, but indeed the black one for By Night photos. Nevertheless, choose what fits you best!

Now, have a good trip in Venice!