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29 nov. 2017  -  4 gen. 2018

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"Par amour pour la Venise d'hier"

(Per amor della Venezia di ieri)

di Serge Bassenko





40 fotografie di Venezia in bianco e nero, scelte tra le più belle di Serge Bassenko, di giorno, di notte e in laguna.
Scattate prima dei recenti lavori di ristauri (1973-1989), ci restituiscono intatta l'autentica, incantevole e romantica Venezia di un tempo, tanto amata dai Veneziani, e della quale gli innamorati e i visitatori di tutto il mondo sentono ancor oggi l'irresistibile fascino.
Venezia è probabilmente la città più fotografata al mondo, pertanto, scopriamo quì con sorpresa una Venezia commovente e quasi sconosciuta: callette quiete, canaletti accessibili solamente in barca, notte oscura e misteriosa punteggiata dalla debole luce di qualche lampione, laguna segreta e selvatica. Ne risale un'impressione di intimità e di serenità che sembra attraversare il tempo, quella di una città dove ti senti a casa tua.
Serge Bassenko ha appassionatamente amato Venezia, ha trascorso quasi vent'anni a fotografarla, rendendo così omaggio a quella che fu, non tanto tempo fa, la Regina del Mare.




Guarda le fotografie della mostra


Intervista a proposito della mostra  (in francese)
Radio italiana a Parigi







very good choice
beautiful presentation, handsome with the panels
beautiful: the night photographs with a black background
beautiful printing quality, beautiful stuff
the details are thin
beautiful black and white contrasts
oh, there are lights...
very beautiful work with lights, which gives back its soul to Venice
[many amateurs of black and white] black and white is beautiful, Ah! black and white photos, silver prints, it could not be so good in color
the quality of argentic photos gives us back a vision we have forgotten with modern photos technology
thanks to black & white, plenty of stories can be imagined, the details given by colours don't disturb you
you can walk in there, for the depth-of-field displays a sense of distance
each time you come back to the photos, you always discover something else
photographs on paper: better effect than on a screen, because of the paper grain, the photographs are larger, it's a bit distant to look at them, you have to walk from one to another


each photograph is different, all beautiful
[people deeply loved photos by night] how beautiful they are, by night! the photographs by night, they are magical
in the night, you are safe and protected
by day: you are at ease, therein
lagoon: wild, very fascinating, astonishing, unknown, at least as beautiful as day and night photographs


I have found the exact atmosphere I felt in Venice a long time ago, that's Venice
past Venice, out of the beaten tracks
Venice has lost his soul today, like all modern cities, it has become a scenery
the architecture looks the same as before, but nowaday Venice has lost its charm
completely different from usual photographs; these are good
it is calm, beautiful, you feel inside there
soothing, they make you feel good
you can feel the sea, it is rising up
you enter in Venice or you don't: you are taken into a cocoon, in the warm, yet you are free
that makes you feel like going there, really
we'd like to be there
magic photographs
I want to go back to take photos


time stops, timeless
no characters: timeless, immortal Venice
I prefer Venice without characters, you can look at the city itself, the way life is
Venice is kind of a living being, one can understand that Serge Bassenko felt he was a friend with Venice, you never forget Venice, it is rather Venice that left us


Serge Bassenko has a look that makes you love
very personal framings
they seem to be film photographs
not made for watching, but for feeling... the soul
is it the same photograph who took the photos? it doesn't look like it, lagoon and day/night are so different
real artist, he sees
the photographs are like the man: peace and poetry
what you do is good: to put some beauty and dream in this world


the photographs by night would be better with a white frame to be emphasized
some night photographs are too dark, you cannot see the details
by night: a little sad
Venice was in bad condition at the time: rickety balcony, ruined rough-cast
photographs sometimes seem to be cut off, were they reframed?
with music, people would be more attracted to exhibition

* VISITORS' BOOK (a quotation choice)

Magnificent photographs, of a serene Venice, with the grace and the charm of the black and white
A thousand thanks for a gorgeous exhibition! Andrea e Caterina Cavallari, General Consul of Italy
A completely unknown Venice!
Splendid photographs. A marvelous dream, a superb stroll. Thank you and thousand cheers
How powerful, yet, how poetic
Thanks to the photos, I received much tenderness from Venice, it is precious, Venezia per sempre nel cuore
Photos filled with serenity and melancholy
Very beautiful exhibition, romanticism, beauty. The photographer knew how to capture the emotion from a sleeping Venice. Thank you
Venice as if you were dreaming, a completely different vision offering a new and fascinating light
Thank you for this marvelous exhibition
Some people can see things we never saw
Superb exhibition which has reminded me beautiful records of Venice. Thank you for this beautiful record. Aziz Amri, Cultural Counselor at the Tunisian Embassy
Never grasped the use of photos, but there, they show something, it's a good thing to save memories with photos; that way, OK
Poet's peaceful observation, and his tracking as someone who dares to lose himself
Thank you! Aspire to the calm, serenity. Time unfortunately did not stop… when leaving the exhibition. Too bad
Such a beautiful story, yours, in these photographs of Venice. I do not know how to say it otherwise
I gave my students the daytime photographs to be painted! art teacher
Very beautiful photos, and moreover the words. Laura Federici, showing her paintings at the "Bièvres" Art Gallery in the Mairie du 13e
Far from Rialto and Saint Mark's, immersion in poor and secret Venice. Very beautiful photographs. And long live the black and white!




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