Press & Articles

* 15.01.2018 Serge Bassenko Website
Review of Serge Bassenko photographic exhibitions
By love for the Venice of yesterday

* 17.11.2017 Altritaliani Cultural Website
Summary article upon Serge Bassenko's Venetian works:
The photographs, the novel Il pleut, and the photographic exhibition
By love for the Venice of yesterday

* 29.10.2017 Aligre, an Italian radio in Paris, Cappuccino programm
Interview with Eleanor Mongiat about the exhibition of Serge Bassenko's photographs By love for the Venice of yesterday (Nov. 2017-Jan. 2018)

* 07.07.2017 Altritaliani Cultural Website
Article: In the heart of Venice, tender, so tender - Strolling, in the 80's

* 18.03.2016 Altritaliani Cultural Website
Article: The lagoon of Venice, a forgotten world. Photos of the 80's

* 03.06.2015 Venetiamicio Venice Blog
An example of Venice changings: The window of Serge Bassenko...

* 23.03.2015 Venetiamicio Venice Blog
Article upon the author: The Venice of Serge Bassenko

* 11.07.2014 Altritaliani Cultural Website
Excerpt from the short novel Souvenirs du Friul and the photographs of Friul

* 05.09.2014 La Venise litteraire Venice Blog
Discovering Serge Bassenko

* 16.12.2013 Monique Marta Cultural Website
Article upon Serge Bassenko's thoughts: The Sage